Terms of Use applicable to members of the Sunshine Ranch (hereinafter referred to as the Company) when ordering goods transaction contract. To order merchandise personnel (hereinafter referred to as "clients" or "Member") must be carefully read and agree to the terms before placing an order. 


2. Ordering and Delivery 

■ first order goods, must agree to the following Terms of Use, and pre-registered to the name, address and other personal information accurate. Customers should take good care of your password, can not let third parties know. 

■ Customer input errors caused by goods not delivered, the Company will not be held responsible. In addition, if the customer would again be sent to the correct address, the company will charge customers shipping costs again. 

■ order after order after receiving the contents, shipping address can not be changed, can not cancel orders. 

■ After an order in principle be sent within 3-7 working days, but the contents of orders, inventory status and order is focused may be delayed. 

■ When ordering merchandise, customers are requested to advance the investigation clearly areas where the country ‧ ‧ requirements for the import of such laws and the prohibition of imports of goods. If sent to countries in the region ‧ when ordering merchandise was confiscated, the Company will not be held responsible. The Company can not because of these reasons will be the purchase price and shipping fees and other goods returned to the customer. 

■ The company may be different from the same customer orders the goods ordered are packed together, and sent to the customer. 


3. Freight Delivery Procedures 

■ International shipping fee is based on the total amount of goods ordered set, including the International Express Mail Service (EMS) postage and insurance, and the total amount of goods with the order with credit card. 

■ domestic shipping fee is based on the total amount of goods ordered more than 1,000 yuan in the NT-free procedures for freight delivery, pay 100 yuan 1,000 yuan freight shipping procedures. 

■ event that a customer refuses to accept custody of the post office over distribution of goods period, resulting in orders of goods to be returned to the Company's circumstances, the procedure will not be returned freight delivery. We will request the original order total amount of goods less the international special courier (EMS) postage and delivery procedures for domestic shipping to the customer after the refund amount. 


4. Payment 

■ payments for the delivery of the total amount of goods and delivery procedures of the total amount of freight. 

■ available cash on delivery, ATM transfer, online credit card and other payment. 

■ When using a credit card order, please use their own customers on behalf of the credit card payment. If the customers who use credit cards on behalf of my non-customers, the Company may without notice to the customer canceled the order. 

■ Use the RMB card orders, only accept the Chinese mainland banks to issue RMB cards. 


5. Tariffs, export certificates, etc. 

■ sent to countries based on laws, regulations, etc., may impose import duties, VAT, customs fees, postage. When the need to impose the import duties, VAT, customs fees, postage, by the customer (when compared to placing an consignee and the consignee is not the same time) I pay the actual costs, and sent to the delivery through the Post Office or send goods directly to the customer charge. 

■ problems in customs clearance of goods clearance procedures or caused by delayed delivery time, the Company will not be held responsible. 

■ The company do not issue proof of country of origin, export licensing and other export certificates. 


6. Return ‧ return 

■ Customers who wish to return or refund, must be within 7 days after arrival of goods to contact the company. We have received customer contact and have confirmed, we will only refund the return of the goods the Company recognized. (Please return within seven days after approval.) 

If more than 7 days or contact the company and will return the goods, we will not accept returns ‧ customers returned. 



1. "Because the company" (following (1) ~ (3) the reason), you can return. 

(1) delivery of goods and commodities in different order (miscarriage). 

(2) delivery of goods for the defective products. 

(3) delivery of goods breakage. 

Return the cost to the companies concerned. 


2. The following "customer because" you can return. 

Customers are not satisfied with merchandise, may not be returned opened, returned by the customers pay the actual costs required. 


3. The following circumstances, the return will not be accepted ‧ returned. 

Goods within 7 days after arrival of the Company and will not contact the product return 

Products have been used 

After opening, cosmetics, health food, food 

No packaging (bags ‧ box) of goods 

Occurred due to customer use of goods damaged or contaminated dirt 

Sale of goods 


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The companies will only accept "the company because" the returned. 

Wants to exchange merchandise, please contact Taiwan's Lu Yuan Bao. If the replacement of goods in short supply, to stop trafficking, and so can not be sent, it will refund the purchase price of goods to the customer. 


■ Commodities freight payment and return the refund, has the following 2 ways for customers to choose. 

Within 10 days of receipt of returned goods, the company will return the amount deposited directly into your designated account 


7. Other 

■ customers registered in the company name, address and other personal information changes, please immediately log in the website, go to "My Account" in the make changes. 

■ When the customer the following acts occur, the Company reserves the right to delete customer personal data. 

(1) When the customer does not comply with the terms. 

(2) prejudice to other customers or the company's behavior and cause damage, or other improper behavior. 

(3) more than a year when not in use. 

(4) of the Company that are not suitable for their clients. 

■ If you created this website because of the loss of customers, the company lost contracts other than the transactions will not be responsible. 

■ the company as a last resort the right to terminate the service under. But for the already established commodity trading contracts will be based on the terms of performance. 

■ The process of product sales between the Company and the customer disputes the law should be based on the Republic of China, Tainan District Court sought to be resolved by judges. 

■ According to terms of use, customers personal information, only for the company selling goods to customers through the Internet, post offices to provide the customers products of the message, not used for any purpose in addition. When the customer requests to delete or change personal information, the company will respond quickly. 

■ The Company reserves the right to make the appropriate terms of this change.